“What’s in a name?” is something of a rhetorical question often used lightheartedly today. Of course, it was first asked in all seriousness when Juliet pondered Romeo in Shakespeare’s famous play. If you’re acquainted with her soliloquy, you’ll remember she concludes: “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Well, maybe. Maybe not. I’m sure you’ll agree that names can have considerable value by virtue of what they come to represent. Almost instantly, one can think of multiple.

Torre is also such a name. Its significance in my life and ongoing career as an…

While the concept of compiling a list of things you’d like to achieve before you die — or kick the bucket, as they say — is hardly new, it wasn’t until screenwriter Justin Zackham coined the term ‘Bucket List’ in his screenplay for the 2007 hit movie that it really became a thing.

Do you have one?

I do. In fact, I’ve been asked so many times over the years what’s on mine that I thought I’d share it with the goal of challenging myself to actually accomplish everything on it. Social pressure can be quite the motivator…

My list…

2020 was an exciting year for Torre. We passed the one-million mark for users on our platform in more than 180 countries. We ran hundreds of pilots with companies to identify pain points, as well as to determine how to keep them engaged. We added radical transparency to our algorithms -something no one else has done- so that both candidates, as well as companies, can see why our algorithms show the results they do. We did our first interviewless, semi-automated hiring; a massive win which we thought wouldn’t happen till late 2021. …

Across the globe. Full-time, part-time, and freelance work is being lost at an exponential pace.

Traditional job-hunting mechanisms have failed us often in the past — during both good and bad times. Now, during this time of great urgency, they will fail us again.

At Torre, we are devastated by the current crisis. Individually and collectively, we’ve received countless requests from friends and family for work opportunities. We’re getting more and more calls every day.

Our commitment is to help as many people as we can — and to do so quickly.

We’re announcing a series of — free — viral job hunting functionalities over the next few weeks, and we’re looking for volunteers who use our technology to help their local communities.

The first viral job hunting tool announced will be community job curation.

To better organize ourselves, we need a centralized repository for all kinds of work: full-time, part-time, freelance, local, or remote gigs…

COVID-19 has forced millions of people to work remotely all of a sudden. Millions more have been fired. If you’re an experienced remote worker or remote leader, you can help others by mentoring them. We are launching this effort to help the community at scale by matching you with a person you can help. You can volunteer as little as 30 minutes.

Would you consider giving/receiving coaching or mentoring virtually? If yes, please sign-up at https://remoter.typeform.com/to/qAuxNx

Please sign up, share the idea with others, and let us know what else we could do to help people in need.

Stay safe,

Alexander Torrenegra
Torre | about.torre.co
Signal me: torre.bio/torrenegra

At Torre, we’re embarking on Remoter: our on-going initiative to provide educational content and resources to encourage the building and scaling of remote-first teams.

I’ve been working remotely for almost two decades. The companies I’ve either founded or co-founded are currently all remote-first. I’ve truly realized the benefits of this work-lifestyle. Not only for personal reasons (being there for my daughter as she grows up, or having more time with my wife and family) but also the door of opportunities opens wider when you’re looking at all the world has to offer. I have people on my teams from all over the world. We work hard and our creative problem-solving skills become so much stronger with all the perspectives brought to the table.


tl;dr: More important than finding out how clients found your website or app, you should identify all the ways clients found out about it — and don’t rely on Google Analytics. Instead: 1. ❓Ask your client “how did you learn about us?” 2. 📝Normalize the answers. 3. 📐Extrapolate. 4. 📈Analyze and Report. 5. 🔄Repeat. We call it the ‘Canales’ framework.

For the majority of tech companies, being able to identify their most important client acquisition channels is key to their ongoing success: it allows them to better invest their marketing dollars. …

This post is for my professional colleagues and potential co-workers.

I look forward to our building great things together. You bring not only your skills and talents to our team but a unique personality. I see it as a privilege to be working with you and I’ll adapt my leadership style to accommodate your uniqueness. As we’re striving towards a common goal and will be working together closely, you’ll need to adapt as well. From my perspective, the following points are mission-critical:

  1. If anything is blocking you or your team or you find your work unfulfilling, let me know immediately.

Updated on Mar 14, 2021

Atwo-sided network enables value-creating interactions between external producers and consumers. Over the years, I’ve not only co-founded several including Voice123, Bunny Studio, and Torre but I’ve also invested in many more. As a result, the associated teams and I built a template of the most important metrics for two-sided networks in both early and growth stages. Today, we’d like to share it with all of you — and you can customize it for your own network. We call this template Indicadores.

(Por qué el modelo actual de aceleración no funciona y cómo las ventas-compartidas convertibles pueden arreglarlo)

Actualización: Dado el alto volumen de interés generado por este artículo, fundé una aceleradora.

Emprendedores accidentales. Supongo que esa es la descripción definitiva de lo que éramos mi esposa Tania y yo cuando co-fundamos Voice123 a principios de los años 2000. Sin embargo, hoy es un negocio exitoso con más de 200.000 usuarios.

Un poco menos accidental es la realidad de que este éxito no dependió de ángeles, aceleradoras o inversionistas de capital de riesgo ('VCs' por su sigla en inglés). De hecho, si les hubiéramos hecho caso, Voice123 no existiría hoy. Hay una gran cantidad de emprendedores como nosotros…

Alexander Torrenegra

Focused on making work fulfilling for everyone. Founder of Torre, Tribe, Bunny Studio, Voice123, and Remoter. Shark in Shark Tank LatAm. torre.co/torrenegra

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