Through team genomes, companies in Torre can let candidates know about their potential teammates.

As administrator of a company’s profile, or genome, you can add or remove members, other admins, and alumni. You can even showcase their location in the world.

Create or claim your company’s genome to start managing it ⬇️⬇️.

You can add or remove team members at your company’s genome in Torre.



In 2021, we sent 28,898,705 matching job suggestions to the 1,238,012 members of the Torre community in 196 countries.

Did you hire through Torre? If so, congratulations! You helped generate USD $18.9 million in salaries.

What’s next?

This 2022 we plan to grow further, especially in remote jobs. Already, we have 24,146 companies offering remote opportunities.

From everyone at Torre, may you have a New Year full of fulfilling work 🥂.



Have you visited a job post in Torre recently? It has many fascinating features for helping you apply for work 💼.

For example, you can find:

🎥 A welcoming video by the hiring company.

🌍 Your position in the ranking of applicants and compatibility with the job.

❓ A forum for questions where you can upvote the most useful ones.

💼 Similar job opportunities.

And some others (like salary and benefits💰) for you to discover by exploring any post.

You can see an example here, or create your own post to find out more.



Alexander Torrenegra

Alexander Torrenegra

Focused on making work fulfilling for everyone. CEO/CTO of Torre. Founder of Tribe, Bunny Studio, Voice123, and Emma. Author of Remoter.